Designed to counteract product build-up (bearding), the SCHLICK ABC-Technology® offers maximum operational reliability for your coating system.

The ABC series also offers perfect upscaling from laboratory to production with a throughput range of 1 - 180 g/min in continuous use.

The SCHLICK Anti-Bearding Technology –
now with perfect downscaling

  • No product build-up thanks to the SCHLICK Anti-Bearding Cap (ABC)
  • Perfect up- and downscaling for perfect production processes
  • Optimal homogenous and reproducible spray results 
  • GMP design: Simple construction (7 individual parts + 4 O rings)
  • Cleaning needle to standard, also available with liquid return system
  • Extremely easy to adjust for maximum flexibility
  • FDA compliant 1.4404 (AISI 316L) materials, surface quality: Ra < 0.8 

Use this perfect nozzle technology right from the smallest batch size

The SCHLICK ABC-Technology® design offers optimum operating security within coating-facilities. The so-called „Anti-Bearding Cap (ABC)“, crucially prevents turbulence in the area of the air cap and the nozzle exit, by means of its novel rounded shape. Perfect up- and downscaling: Using the complete SCHLICK ABC-Technology® the specially designed ABC nozzles support capacities from 1 to 180 g/min. The nozzles have been developed for drums sizes from 8.5” to 24".


Perfect 'beardless' spraying

Build-up, caking, „bearding“ or clogging of the nozzle exit are prevented as far as possible in this way. Interruptions to the coating process, as a consequence of cleaning work on the nozzle, are almost completely omitted. The SCHLICK ABC spray features an exceedingly homogenous liquid distribution, in a simultaneously very fine, uniform and reproducible drop size distribution. 

A comparison of the flow patterns reveals that the dust particle flow (simulated here in the form of fog) stays away from the anti-bearding cap better than it does from the conventional flat spray cap.

ABC spray: perfect droplets in the laboratory and production

The ideal ABC spray is characterised by a very even ellsis. This is achieved by means of a balance between the pressures – the forces of the atomising air (AA) and the pattern air (PA). 

In the following figure, the various specifications of the different sprays and their characteristics are depicted by removing 200 mm from the nozzle exit. 

  • The round jet occurs without the introduction of pattern air
  • The extreme flat spray occurs when the proportion of pattern air (PA) is too high
  • The ideal ABC spray occurs when there is a balance between atomising air and pattern air

The right pressure means the right spray

The optimal pressure for atomising and pattern air is ­controlled by the parameters, quantity of liquid, density and viscosity as well as solid content:
You must accom­modate the respective application. 

The bore diameter of the nozzle should be dependent on the viscosity of the liquid. Here is an example for the production nozzle. The values given in the tables are recommendations:

ABC product family

Using the complete SCHLICK ABC-Technology® the specially designed and ABC nozzles support capacities from 1 to 180 g/min.


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