Model 300

Spray pattern: several smooth-jets
Spray anglel: approx. 300°
Orifices: 19 orifices
Capacity: 1.3 – 50 l/min at 3 bar

Model 250

Spray pattern: several smooth-jets
Spray angle: 360°
Orifices: 2 x 19 orifices
Capacity: 135 l/min at 3 bar


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The specialists for thorough cleaning–
SCHLICK automatic rotating nozzle heads

  • Pre-cleaning with cold water
  • Cleaning with hot water and cleaning agents
  • Rinsing with demineralised water
  • Blowing with compressed air (no significant change in the rotational speed)
  • ATEX certified (models 300/0 and 300/1)
  • Solution for cleaning the very smallest containers (model 300/00)

SCHLICK nozzle heads model range 250 and 300 are especially suited to cleaning containers. The automatic rotating systems are available factory-installed in three different basic models and thereby serve for cleaning tanks of approx. 1–6 m diameter.. 

With an almost constant rotational speed of the rotating SCHLICK nozzle heads (over the entire working pressure and temperature range), models 250 and 300 offer the perfect conditions for very varied areas of application. 

At a working pressure of 2–6 bar (g) and a working temperature of 15–80°, SCHLICK models 250 and 300 fulfil the majority of application requirements.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, other materials available on request.

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