The SCHLICK Multispray

supports all current atomisation technologies for two-substance nozzle and pressure nozzle applications.

Ideal for carrying out lots of different processes.


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The design for all current atomisation technologies:
SCHLICK Multispray – pressure nozzle AND two-substance nozzle

  • Extremely easy to adjust for maximum flexibility
  • Basic system with pneumatic ON/OFF control which is therefore 100% drip-free
  • Completely homogeneous and reproducible spray results
  • Significant reduction in maintenance downtimes thanks to easy access to all components
  • Wide range of installation options thanks to modular construction
  • Functional components with surface quality of Ra < 0.8

The all-rounder increases flexibility
In process engineering, the prevailing conditions change frequently. For this reason, SCHLICK Multispray can be used with all current atomisation technologies for two-substance nozzle (flat spray design and internal/external mixing) and  pressure nozzle (hollow cone nozzles, full cone nozzles, flat spray nozzles and smooth jet nozzles) applications. The SCHLICK Multispray series enables the use of a wide range of compact and flexible atomisation nozzles.

100% drip-free: The nozzle needle closes the liquid outlet automatically and promptly by shutting off the control air. This is particularly suitable for spraying in cycles and especially when using pressurised liquids, for which dripping must be avoided.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, titanium, tantalum, carbonide, hastelloy, inconel, other materials available on request.



  • Nozzle for the wood industry

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining, especially the production of boards, is gaining increasingly in importance. This is not just because of the increasing cost of energy and raw materials; it is also because increasingly high demands for quality in the manufacture of wooden boards encourage the demand for suitable processes and possibilities, in order to apply liquids as homogeneously as possible onto prepared base materials.

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