Multi-substance nozzles

A three-substance or four-substance nozzle is the right choice when it comes to atomising several liquids with one nozzle. 

This is the case, for example, with combustion or chemical mixing processes whereby several liquids have to be processed.


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Three-substance and four-substance nozzles –
versatility wins every time

  • Simultaneous mixing of two or three liquids
  • Individual solutions and designs for very diverse operation options
  • Several control options allow for more freedom to optimise processes
  • Even finer and more even atomisation when used as a two-substance nozzle 
  • Reproducible results are guaranteed

A full-cone spraying pattern is generated with multiple-substance nozzles via external mixture. SCHLICK multiple-substance nozzles can be controlled in very different ways, which allows for a wide range of uses.

With three-substance nozzles, two liquids can be finely atomised with an atomising medium (air, gas or steam). The option also exists to apply air, gas or steam to just one liquid through the two remaining channels. This achieves an even finer and more uniform atomisation owing to the larger interfacial surface between the atomisation medium and the liquid. 

With four-substance nozzles, three liquids can be finely atomised with one atomising medium (air, gas or steam). Here, too, there is the option of a second control, which can achieve a larger interfacial surface between the liquid and the atomisation medium. Two different liquids are subjected to atomising air, which is supplied via the two remaining supply channels.


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