Combustion of rich oil

In industry, rich oil is completely combusted for energy or energy recovery. An unclean or incomplete combustion of the medium produces soot while the emission values in the combustion chamber increase. Optimal combustion requires fine atomisation and a fuel spray that is as monodisperse as possible.

  • Pressure Nozzles - 100-200

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  • Pressure Nozzles - 121-123

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  • Two-Substance - 0/2-0/9

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  • Two-Substance - 0/64-0/60

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Externe Mischung Vollkegel

  • Modell 970
  • Modell 940
  • Modell 0/2-0/9

Interne Mischung Hohlkegel

  • Modell 0/64-0/60

Druckdüsen Hohlkegel

  • Modell 100/103
  • Modell 121-123
  • Modell 400-401
  • Modell 586
  • Modell 118, 202, 432


  • Modell 946, 0/56


  • And it burns

    Nozzle systems used in combustion processes

    Due to poor or incomplete combustion of the medium, soot is produced, and at the same time the emission values in the combustion chamber increase. With liquid fuels, combustion al­ways takes place in the gas phase: The liquid fuel is first atomised, then vaporised, mixed with air, and finally burned in the gas phase. This article shows how atomisation can be influenced by various special nozzles ...

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