SCHLICK Pharma nozzles are characterised by a small, homogeneous and reproducible droplet size. Uniform liquid distribution across the entire spray width is guaranteed.

Depending on the application, different pharma nozzles are used. These can be both pressure and two-substance nozzles.


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Pharma nozzles for pharma spray units – 
SCHLICK nozzles developed in-house for pharma & food

  • Clever product design for easy handling
  • Customer-specific designs for all pharmaceutical and food technology applications   
  • Achievable with pressure or two-substance nozzles
  • Comprehensive QMS also for individual configurations in the SCHLICK Test & Research Center

SCHLICK pharma spray units are available in very varied configurations and are equipped with pharma spray nozzles according to customer specifications for the desired application. The spray units come with either a pressure nozzle (or nozzles) or a two-substance nozzle (or nozzles) for the pharmaceuticals industry.

Full-cone, hollow-cone, flat-spray and smooth-jet nozzles as well as complete nozzle heads are used for the pressure nozzles. The flow rates and droplet sizes are dependent on the existing difference in liquid pressure. With pressure control, a liquid control range of 1:3 can implemented. With smaller bore holes, however, pressure nozzles are susceptible to blockages.

Different two-substance nozzles are used in the pharma spray units depending on the area of application. A liquid control range of 1:10 (if required 1:30) can be implemented in most cases. The droplet size can be individually adjusted according to the propellant/liquid ratio.

SCHLICK two-substance nozzles are generally not susceptible to blockages. With external mixing systems, both components are only mixed at the nozzle exit, producing an easier control system. With internal mixing, the liquid and atomisation medium are mixed within a mixing chamber. The control requirements of internal mixing systems are slightly greater, their air consumption is somewhat lower and larger spray cones can be implemented.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy, other materials on request.


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