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The SCHLICK O.P.S. centripetal fast filter prevents soiling or blockage of downstream system components, providing additional protection from unplanned maintenance work. Materials used are stainless steel 1.4404 or acid-resistant stainless steel 1.4571 (size 0 also available in red brass). Additional designs, sizes and materials on request. 

Centripetal fast filter O.P.S.

the tangential intake and outlet of the liquid/gases cause currents which keep any foreign bodies (sludge) away from the filtering surface and deposit these in the sediment chamber.

Shutting the intake and opening the drain cock briefly will clean the filtering surface due to the backflow. The filtering surface is generally cleaned by backwashing with the filtrate. Cleaning can also be carried out using other media such as, e.g. steam, compressed air, water, or similar.

In addition to the standard design (intake bottom left, outflow top right = left hand design) the position of the connections can be adjusted to customer requirements.

Filter inserts round off the selection of SCHLICK O.P.S. exchangeable filter systems. Depending on the filtration required, these consist of sheet metal with elongated perforations – with or without a filter material insert.



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