Sugar coating

Coating with a sugar solution or chocolate is not only relevant in the food industry; in the pharmaceutical industry too, sugar coating is used to mask taste and to preserve. Whilst traditionally the sugar solution is applied to the coated item by hand, the application in industrial processes is now carried out using nozzles, in particular those with a fan-shaped spraying pattern. Sugar coating is thus the term used to describe the even application of layers of a sugar solution, or even chocolate, to a round item placed inside a drum.

Specially designed solutions for chocolate-coating applications
There are different versions of the specially created 948 two-substance chocolate nozzle available, which means it can be very easily adapted to the required application. The different versions featuring heating ducts or a broach, for example, ensure reliable spray technology even on challenging media.

For larger production machinery (e.g. belt coaters), SCHLICK developed a multi-nozzle spray arm (chocolate manifold) which incorporates several nozzles from the 948 series. These two-substance nozzles can also be replaced with flat jet nozzles (quickly and without the need for tools) so that standard end pieces from the 650 series can be used.

Sugar coating with ABC systems
Two-substance nozzles from SCHLICK's patented ABC range are also suitable for use in sugar-coating applications. Patented anti-bearding technology has transformed the ABC series into a range of state-of-the-art coating devices. An extremely fine spray enables the models 970 form 7-1 S75 and 930 form 7-1 S35 to coat even the smallest of particles with sugar, e.g. globules. However, both of these two-substance nozzles can also be quickly and easily turned into pressure nozzles through the addition of a flat jet end piece.

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