Varnishing is the application of a firmly adhering layer of a formless substance to the surface of a carrier material. To avoid quality problems which are caused, for example, by overdosing or uneven layer application, a spray is required that is as monodisperse as possible with a fine droplet size. Different pressure nozzles or two-substance nozzles are available which also enable the spraying of challenging media (e.g. polymer solutions).

Typical areas of application in the paper industry

  • Application of starch, fragrances or glue
  • Lamination
  • Roller lubrication

Typical areas of application in the wood industry

  • Moistening
  • Application of release agent

  • Industrial spray-unit

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  • Industrial spray-unit

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  • Multispray

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  • Pressure Nozzles - 100-200

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  • Pressure Nozzles - 650-655, 700

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