EHS rotating nozzles

Our rotating nozzles are manufactured in various sizes starting from a diameter of 10 mm and are available either with or without a feed unit. Optionally with front spray.

Depending on the design variant, they are suitable for use at pressures up to 1000 bar.


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  • Removing built-up deposits
  • Cleaning

Incredible all-round performance, with or without a feed unit –
SCHMIDT EHS rotating nozzles up to 1000 bar

  • Compact and robust designs
  • Excellently suited to cleaning pipes, channels, etc.
  • Extremely high spray intensity with the greatest possible impact force
  • Available with or without feed unit
  • Simple maintenance, installation and de-installation 
  • Low-wear operation ensures a long service life


SCHMIDT EHS rotating nozzles – flexible and efficient

When it comes to cleaning out blocked pipes or removing encrusted deposits from channels, rotating nozzles are incredibly versatile. Thanks to the flexibility in their design, they can be optimally adapted to requirements. SCHMIDT EHS rotating nozzles are produced in a variety of bore sizes – with nozzle exit units in the larger variants – and with a variety of angles, with front spray or back spray, for use in high-pressure hoses or lances. In nozzle variants with feed units, several backwards-facing jets provide the necessary pushing force and ensure the dissolved material is flushed out. A variant with a front spray is also available and is particularly suited for dealing with stubborn blockages in pipes.

These rotating nozzles are compact and extremely stable by design. With working pressures of up to 1000 bar, even difficult cleaning work in pipes and channels can be quickly and easily performed.

The nozzles create a strong abrading effect due to the small impact surface of the core jet that rotates around the axis of the nozzle. This allows a large area to be abraded overall.

SCHMIDT EHS rotating nozzles have a long service life and require very little maintenance. A wide variety of designs offers solutions for a range of different cleaning applications. Depending on the model variant, a wide range of bores and spray angles are available. Custom measurements upon request.

Materials: High-grade steel/bronze. Other materials upon request.

Professional Accessoires

ROT R model

Standard design

Rotary nozzles are particularly suited for cleaning pipes with built-up deposits. They are available in a variety of sizes, with different nozzle bores at various angles, for use with HD hoses and lances. The nozzle is moved mechanically by either pushing or pulling force.

ROT RV model

Feed unit design

ROT RV rotating nozzles are fitted with an integrated feed unit. This unit uses multiple backwards-facing jets to evenly and automatically push the nozzle forwards.

ROT FR model

Front-facing jet design

The ROT FR model is ideally suited to thoroughly cleaning pipes in an industrial setting. The radial jets clean the walls of the pipe while the rotating front-facing jets (two jets directed diagonally forwards) dissolve blockages and obstacles. Available in a variety of bore sizes. The nozzle is moved mechanically by either pushing or pulling force.

ROT FRV model

Feed unit and front-facing jet design

ROT FRV model rotating nozzles, in addition to their radial bores, have two central, high-power front-facing bores for tackling stubborn cleaning tasks – just like the ROT FR model. However, the ROT FRV also has an integrated feed unit, which ensures the automatic forward motion of the nozzle with its backwards-facing jets.



All model variants (ROT R, ROT RV, ROT FR and ROT FRV) are available in the following six sizes:

Size ø 10 mm
Size ø 12 mm
Size ø 18 mm
Size ø 22 mm
Size ø 31 mm
Size ø 47 mm

SCHMIDT. Solutions under high pressure. 
Up to 3000 bar.

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