SCHMIDT is now part of the SCHLICK Group  

As of 2020, SCHMIDT is now part of the SCHLICK Group. With its SCHLICK brand, this corporate group is an international leader in the area of atomisation technology. Düsen-Schlick GmbH has been developing and producing nozzle and system solutions for production processes requiring spray technology across all sectors for nearly 120 years.

As a manufacturer of high-performance nozzles, SCHMIDT will make a lasting contribution to the Group’s competence in providing high-pressure spray technology solutions.

SCHMIDT EHS high-performance nozzles –
for the most demanding applications.

For more than seven decades, we have been specialists in the development and manufacture of high-performance nozzles for industrial applications, such as cleaning tanks and containers, treating surfaces, renovating concrete and deburring industrial products, as well as cutting and carving processes.  

We offer an extensive range of nozzles, designed to be used at pressures of up to 3000 bar, in order to match up to the wide variety of operating conditions. Our products are made using rust-free stainless steel and hardened stainless steel as standard. Our high-performance manufacturing technology and modern testing and measurement equipment guarantee a consistently high level of quality of SCHMIDT EHS products. Customers the world over rely on our expertise and recognised experience. 

Our SCHMIDT EHS products

SCHMIDT. Solutions under high pressure. 
Up to 3000 bar.

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