Disinfection is a core element of antiseptic production processes. According to the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB), disinfection means, 'creating an environment in which dead or living material no longer poses a risk of infection'.

Depending on the given task or requirement, chemical or physical procedures can be used to achieve this. As a general rule, disinfectant must be very finely atomised when applied. This not only guarantees maximum coverage, including the smallest crevices, it also ensures environmental damage is kept to a minimum.

  • Two-Substance - 0/64-0/60

    Internal mixing - circular full-conesRead more
  • Two-Substance - 930 Classic Line

    Flat-jet - oval flat sprayRead more
  • Two-Substance - 938, 848, 0/28, 0/48

    External mixing - full-cone, mushroom headRead more
  • Two-Substance - 940

    External mixing - circular full-coneRead more
  • Two-Substance - 970

    External mixing - circular full-coneRead more