Pipe-Cleaning Nozzles

Spray pattern: several back-spraying and forwards-spraying closed jets distributed around the periphery

Orifices: 0.8 – 4.0 mm

0.7 – 18 l/min at 3 bar (per orifice)


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also available as hardened variants

  • Single-part completely robust design
  • Especially designed for pipe-cleaning
  • Back-spraying and forwards-spraying design available
  • Quantity and size of the bore holes are individually adjusted 
  • Also available as hardened variants
  • Wide range of applications

The models 618, 619 and 619 K are especially developed for pipe cleaning and are suited for pressures of up to 300 bar. They consist of a single-part body with a standardised internal screw thread attachment for easy and secure installation.

The water jet leaves through the bore holes in the body towards the front or towards the rear depending on the model. The bore hole diameter and quantity of the bore holes are individually adapted to suit individual requirements. 

The nozzles are partly pulled through the pipe automatically as a result of the recoil that occurs. With these ground-breaking characteristics SCHLICK pipe-cleaning nozzles cover an extremely wide range of applications. 

Materials: Acid resistant stainless steel, other materials available on request.


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