Sustainability begins at home
Simply put, if we want to keep enjoying life on this planet, then we need to protect the environment. SCHLICK has long been a pioneer of sustainable production and business practices, setting new benchmarks for environmental protection that far exceed the usual standards. For us, this focus on sustainability extends to the whole company, from administrative processes, to manufacturing, to facility management.


Taking responsibility for our future
Sustainable action to protect the environment


With its high level of vertical integration and extensive technical expertise, SCHLICK has always stood out from the competition. Thanks to these two qualities, we have successfully developed a wide-range of sophisticated spray solutions and also taken environmental standards to a new level. We monitor and control all our processes from start to end, which means we can also manage the environmental impacts of our actions. Through clever product design we can make more efficient use of raw materials and through high-tech manufacturing processes we can help conserve many resources, such as energy, water or materials, for the future.

Our offices, manufacturing halls and warehouses are all equipped with environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies, such as solar power and combined heat and power (CHP) systems, to help us conserve resources. In fact, our commercial buildings were some of the first to implement passive construction techniques, which are designed to create a comfortable internal environment without the need for an active heating and air conditioning system. Naturally, we also optimise our workplace layout, use environmentally friendly materials and reduce and eliminate CO2 emissions wherever we can.

‘Living sustainably’ is a mindset that underpins all our actions at SCHLICK and is fundamental to sense of our responsibility towards the environment and society. That’s why we also promote the concept of the Ecological Footprint, to enable our employees to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle and standard of living within the context of their working lives.



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