Model 700

Spray pattern: flat spray
Spray angle: 90° – 120°

Droplet size:
150 μm – 500 μm (water)
50 – 300 μm (water + compressed air)

Orifices: Slotted or elliptical bore hole
Capacity: 1 – 20 l/min at Δp 3 bar


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An impressively even spraying pattern –
even in tough day-to-day production

  • With centric liquid and right-angled compressed air attachment
  • Can also be used as a pressure or two-substance nozzle
  • Slotted exit for air and liquid
  • Reproducible spraying results thanks to tried and trusted SCHLICK technology
  • Easy installation and de-installation
  • Blockage-resistant

The SCHLICK Model 700 flat spray nozzle is suitable for spraying liquids as a pressure nozzle with a coarse drop pattern, as well as a two-substance nozzle with very fine droplets (atomising medium gas or steam). 

The degree of atomisation depends on the nozzle size, the liquid flow rate and the atomisation medium as well as the respective media pressures.

The nozzle has both a centric liquid connection and a right-angled compressed air connection. With its slit-like orifice, a spreading angle in the range of approx. 90° to 120 ° is generated.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, brass, hastelloy, other materials available on request.

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