Model 803-804

Spray pattern: dependent on application
Orifices: 0.3 – 30 mm

individually adjusted according to the particular application


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Precise solutions using injection –
SCHLICK mixing nozzles series 803-804

  • A mixture of two media inside the nozzle
  • Individual adaptation to the relevant application
  • Optimal and reproducible spray results
  • Extremely easy installation/de-installation

Mixing nozzles allow the mixing of two media (e.g. liquid or liquid and gas/steam). Mixing nozzles are divided into two categories: injector nozzles and pressure mixing nozzles.

The principle of the injector nozzles emulates the Venturi principle. The mixing takes place inside the nozzle to allow the medium to function as a propellant and the second medium is sucked into the mixing chamber. Both media leave the injector combined as one mixture.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, brass, hastelloy ,PTFE, PVC, tantalum, titanium, other materials available on request.

Model 803

The injector nozzle model 803 has a central attachment for the propellant. The second medium is aspirated from the surroundings through several bore holes. Both media leave the nozzle combined as one mixture.

Model 804

The model 804 also has a central attachment for the propellant. Another attachment on the side is available for the second medium. The mixing of the media takes place inside the nozzle.

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