Atomisation: Full cone

Scatter cone: 30°

Droplet size: 10 – 120 μm

Flow rate: 1 – 20 l/min


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Less glue consumption and maximum quality –
SCHLICK blowline

  • Homogeneous drop distribution over the entire width of the spray
  • Extremely fine, reproducible and adjustable drop sizes without excess moisture
  • Optimisation of spray zones and spray jet formation
  • Adaptation of penetration depth into the fibre flow
  • High drop speed

Innovative processes are more in demand than ever in industrial wood machining. Especially in MDF board production, precision spraying is becoming enormously important. It makes a significant contribution to reducing costs and maximising quality. The SCHLICK blowline system produces an entirely homogeneous spray with the finest drop sizes. It thus reduces the need for glue in the production of wood fibreboard while also preventing glue flecks such as caking in the spray system.

With this special design, an ideal balance between the atomisation quality, drop speed, drop size distribution, volume current density and flow rate has been achieved. The compact design and use of just a few individual parts guarantees easy installation and de-installation for manufacturing companies. The system has a wide variety of applications and is suitable for water, glue, urea solution or hardener.

The integrated cleaning needle practically eliminates blockages in the stainless-steel nozzle, even if highly viscous liquids are present near the nozzle orifice. Design complies with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Materials: Stainless steel, other materials available on request.

Professional Cleaning and Service



  • Extremely fine spray

    Professional spraying in the production of MDF board

    Professional spraying is gaining much more in importance as a technique, especially in the production of MDF board, as it is a very helpful way of reducing costs while maximising quality at the same time. With its newly developed SCHLICK Blowline, Düsen-Schlick is setting new benchmarks for the widely used technique of blowline gluing. 

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  • Nozzle for the wood industry

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining, especially the production of boards, is gaining increasingly in importance. This is not just because of the increasing cost of energy and raw materials; it is also because increasingly high demands for quality in the manufacture of wooden boards encourage the demand for suitable processes and possibilities, in order to apply liquids as homogeneously as possible onto prepared base materials.

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