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We are international experts in atomisation solutions, which means we set ourselves very high standards. Gone are the days when it was enough to simply develop and manufacture precision nozzles. Today, customers are looking for sophisticated spray solutions that give them a technological and financial edge in the long-term. And that’s exactly where our strengths lie, thanks to our highly creative and experienced team.

We supply our customers with precision engineering solutions, all of which are produced at our manufacturing facilities in Germany. With around 90,000 designs for nozzles and nozzle systems to our name, we really are specialists in our field.

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Schlick solutions – not designed by machines,
but created by our engineers


Innovation is not just the starting point for customer solutions; it is also the driving force behind trend-setting developments that can revolutionise the markets concerned. Those who realise this are able to set new standards within their sectors. That is precisely what Schlick does. Our patented ABC technology® and Multispray products or the Nano PCA are good examples of this.

The engineers and technicians at Schlick are constantly working on new solutions that will give the market fresh impetus. Throughout the entire process, they remain in close contact with customers. Ultimately, it is not just a question of helping to maintain production for the customer but to optimise it in the long term.

Our goal:To improve every single day and to assert ourselves as the market leader. As has always been the case.



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