Model 770-772

Spray pattern: circular hollow-cone
Spray angle: 30° – 90°
Orifices: 0.3 – 15 mm

individually adjusted according to the particular application


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Internal and external mixing –
supporting a wide range of applications

  • Internal and external mixing models
  • Individual performance data and dimensions available on request
  • Also available with a rear screw thread for easy fitting into a flange or container wall
  • Optimal and reproducible spray results

Mixing nozzles allow the mixing of two media(e.g. liquid or liquid and gas/steam). Mixing nozzles are divided into two categories: injector nozzles and pressure mixing nozzles. SCHLICK pressure mixing nozzles can work using both the principle of external mixing as well as internal mixing.

With internal mixing (model 770) both media are mixed in one mixing chamber. The mixture leaves the nozzle exit as a hollow cone. 

With external mixing (model 772) both media only meet after leaving the nozzle exit. Mixing then takes place as the two hollow cones spray into each other.

Internal and external mixing SCHLICK mixing nozzles are especially adapted to the relevant application. Individual dimensions and performance data. Lance versions or systems with a rear screw fitting are recommended.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, brass, hastelloy, PTFE, PVC, tantalum, titanium, other materials available on request.

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