EHS circular spray nozzles

Our circular spray nozzles are available in both plug-in and screw-in versions.

Depending on the design variant, they are suitable for use at pressures up to 3000 bar.

We also offer nozzle exit units for working pressures up to 3000 bar.


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  • Processing parts
  • Cleaning containers
  • Cleaning channels
  • Cleaning pipes
  • Cleaning heat exchangers
  • Abrading concrete
  • Decoating
  • Cutting
  • Carving

Built to take on the toughest jobs –
SCHMIDT EHS circular spray nozzles up to 3000 bar

  • Compact and robust designs
  • Long intake cone and cylindrical bore 
  • With screwed-in nozzle exit protector
  • Extremely high spray intensity with the greatest possible impact force
  • Pointed, compact spray with defined spray distance
  • Simple maintenance, installation and de-installation 
  • Low-wear operation ensures a long service life


SCHMIDT EHS circular spray nozzles – concentrated and focused

Circular spray nozzles are characterised by a pointed and powerful spray that is required in many industrial applications, whether that means treating surfaces, renovating concrete or any number of cleaning operations. A working pressure of up to 3000 bar makes them capable of handling even the most demanding tasks..

These high-pressure nozzles are compact and stable by design. In order to withstand the high working pressure, they are manufactured primarily using hardened high-grade steel. The continuous internal geometry ensures a high level of efficiency and therefore a very efficient liquid spray.

SCHMIDT EHS circular spray nozzles have long service lives and are designed to require little maintenance. They are available as plug-in or screw-in nozzles or with nozzle exit inserts. Depending on the model variant, bores of between 0.15 and 7.0 mm are available. Other sizes upon request.

Materials: High-grade steel, hardened. Other materials upon request.

Professional Accessoires

High-performance plug-in nozzles

These were designed especially for use with hand lances. Depending on the design variant, they can be used at an operating pressure of 2500 bar and are particularly impressive in terms of their efficiency, quality and service life. Their convenient shape means they can easily be fitted to hand lances using union nuts.

High-performance circular spray nozzles

These are constructed as screw-in nozzles with a metric thread. Depending on the design, they are available with standard thread sizes and can be integrated directly into a metric ISO thread or ISO fine-thread connector.

High-performance nozzle exit unit

The nozzle exit unit, produced in hard metal, can be used at operating pressures of up to 3000 bar depending on its design. Different flow rates and different high operating pressures are achieved depending on the bore size. This makes it easy to adapt to the specific circumstances of the customer.


Model variants for our circular spray plug-in nozzles


Model variants for our circular spray nozzle exit units


Model variants for our circular spray screw-in nozzles

SCHMIDT. Solutions under high pressure. 
Up to 3000 bar.

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