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The requirements for spray technology are generally clearly defined. Spray results must be precise and reproducible, and maintenance and cleaning work must be simple and time-saving. Particularly when it comes to challenging applications such as tablet coating, the standard is high. The common solution here is a coating arm, usually equipped with several fixed nozzles which are supplied via individual hoses to create a uniform spraying pattern. This technical solution, however, is prone to errors. It requires a lot of manual work and time to configure settings for reproducible results and to carry out the necessary cleaning work. 

In the early 2000s, SCHLICK developed a spray arm that meets all requirements to the same extent owing to its intelligent product design. It consists of individual blocks that can be easily linked, each with one nozzle. All nozzles are supplied via a common manifold. The key advantage lies in the even supply of the nozzles, which sustainably supports the reproducible spray results. The Professional Coating Arm works according to the ‘manifold’ principle: one supply for all nozzles. No additional hoses or connectors are required.

The SCHLICK PCA is equipped with the ABC-Technology® as standard. The ABC nozzles can be operated simultaneously and completely homogeneously. The PCA can be used with drum sizes ranging from 12" (Nano PCA) to 72", and with Conti coaters with up to two sets of twelve nozzles. It is supplied via individually adapted attachments for control air, atomising air, pattern air and liquid (with flow and return). Depending on the application, customers can choose from a selection of PCA designs, ranging from nano to full-size. There are very few corners where dirt can build up, and installation is quick and easy. SCHLICK will also supply a customised attachment mechanism to meet the system requirements.

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  • Doubling spray rates

    New coating arm for tablet coater

    In tablet production, coating processes require a lot of manual operation and experience: The spray arms and nozzles that are used have to be constantly checked, and the spraying process variables require careful adjustment. A new nozzle and spray arm concept now allows you to achieve considerably more efficient processes.

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  • Perfect Coating

    Coating nozzles for the food and pharmaceutical industries

    Coating with sugar solution or chocolate is not only relevant in the food industry. In the pharmaceutical industry too, coating with sugar is used to mask taste and to preserve. Whilst traditionally the sugar solution is applied to the coated item by hand, the application in industrial processes is now carried out using nozzles, in particular those with a fan-shaped spraying pattern.

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  • Process Engineering & Optimisation:

    Perfect atomisation without bearding

    Anti-bearding air cap ensures that droplets are well distributed, and that coating and moistening are homogenous. The type of nozzle used for coating and moistening determines the process result. Normally, flat spray two-substance nozzles are used for this process. A new, robust air cap withstands even the most adverse operating conditions and thus ensures a clean spraying process with the ideal drop size.

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  • Spray with sense

    New nozzle technology ensures better efficiency in tablet coating

    Time and again conventional spray arms cause trouble when coating tablets. They are often difficult to clean and are not easy to inspect. The result is a disruption to the process flow and unnecessarily long set-up times. A new spray arm concept promises to improve this situation.

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