Pressure nozzles
(Single-substance nozzles)

Pressure nozzles – which are also known as 'single-substance nozzles' – use their own energy to atomise the liquid that is being supplied to them.

There is usually no need for any additional compressed air or steam.


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Tried-and-tested reproducible solutions 
for a wide range of requirements

  • Wide range of spray options and droplet sizes
  • Usually no need for any additional compressed air or steam
  • Supporting a very wide range of application areas
  • Reproducible results
  • 100 % made in Germany

The pressurised liquid is released into the surrounding gaseous atmosphere as a jet or lamella. All kinds of sprays and droplet sizes are possible, depending on the type of nozzle and process parameters concerned.

Pressure nozzles are used in an extremely wide range of applications, which means they have to be individually tailored to the circumstances. This is particularly true if the liquids that are being atomised are rheologically challenging or if the volume flow rates are low. All the relevant conditions and constraints must be taken into account in advance during planning. 

That is why Schlick utilises a dynamic drop measuring device based on the dual PDA principle (PDA – Phase Doppler Anemometry). This contact and interference-free measurement procedure can determine both local speeds and other quantities, such as the relevant droplet sizes and volume flow densities. This means that even highly complex spray and coating situations can be measured, compared and optimised, enabling reproducible results to be achieved for highly individual requirements.


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