Industrial Spray-unit

Increasingly more applications in the industry are requiring spray systems that comprise a special connection pipe and the nozzle itself.

For this requirement, SCHLICK developed the Industrial Spray-unit.


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Supply unit and nozzle –
perfectly connected

  • Optimised, specially designed supply units for pressure or two-substance nozzles
  • Including protective supply pipe; also available with casing pipe or heating/cooling circuit
  • No hose attachments
  • Customer-specific designs for all industrial sectors
  • Comprehensive QMS also for individual configurations in the SCHLICK Test & Research Center

Individual adaptation is one of the key requirements in industrial production when installing units in a system. Industrial companies therefore also expect a high level of design expertise and vertical integration from their suppliers. When it comes to spray solutions, structural or machine-related conditions often present a major challenge. There is an increasing need for solutions that safely connect the nozzle to an individually designed supply pipe. With the Industrial Spray-unit, SCHLICK offers an impressive combination for industrial applications. 

Pressure nozzles as well as two-substance nozzles or nozzle heads are used in the Industrial Spray-unit. They are connected to the Media-connector via screw threads, clamp connections, push-in connectors or customised solutions. It is made of acid-resistant stainless steel and ensures the precise supply of liquid, atomising air and control air. Lengths of two meters or greater are possible. Since the nozzle is securely connected to the Media-connector, installation and adjustment errors are no longer an issue. The otherwise standard hose feed lines for supplying the nozzles are no longer required, thus eliminating the associated disruptive factors. 

Due to its compact design, the Industrial Spray-unit has virtually no space for dust or processing particles to collect. In practice, the simple and quick de-installation/assembly has proven to be time-saving and reliable. In particular, the previous spray position is correctly maintained and fixed.


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