We are one of the world’s leading experts in atomisation technology, with an enormous wealth of experience, impressive problem solving abilities and outstanding expertise in manufacturing. Our company motto is ‘Living for solutions’ and solutions are exactly what we are all about.

We give our customers a significant technological and financial edge in the long-term. How? By understanding every aspect of atomisation technology and by involving our customers right from the earliest development stages.

Living for solutions –
transforming ideas into reality

Many of our customers require custom solutions and bespoke adjustments, which can only be achieved through close consultation with expert advisers and engineers. No matter what their requirements, our customers know that they can rely on our expertise. With our fast and flexible approach, we will work to find a solution that meets your exact requirements and develop innovative technologies to realise your goals.

Our approach is based on two key pillars: a high level of vertical integration and extensive experience in the development and optimisation of spray technology systems. More than 90,000 designs and solutions pay testament to our success. In fact, examples of our solutions can be found in almost every industry. All have been subject to rigorous functional and reliability testing at the  SCHLICK Test & Research Center  prior to commissioning, as reliability is key if you want to keep modern manufacturing processes running smoothly.


Your application.
Our nozzle.
Our promise: living for solutions.

Consultation, engineering, production and testing.
At SCHLICK, you get everything from one source.
The ideal solution for your application.

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