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Professional Cleaning and Service

The SCHLICK cleaning set includes all necessary tools for preservation of nozzle parts

3 x brush (ø 8, 14 and 20 mm)
1 x double cylindric-brush
1 x o-ring-tool (stainless steel)
1 x spoon-spatula (stainless steel)
1 x thread-cleaningbrush
1 x magnifying glass
3 x synthetic lubricating grease

Safe keeping and maintenance

The SCHLICK ABC-storage box set for optimal protection against damage or loss of high class ABC-components of model series 930. Delivery without nozzle parts! Box with storage for:

6 x liquid insert
6 x ABC-air cap
6 x union nut
6 x cleaning needle
3 x nozzle body
3 x sealing cap
3 x spring
3 x fixing block  




Connection accessories

Portable control unit for two substance nozzles for easiest installations.

  • 2 pressure adjusted air flows
  • 1 control-air flow
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Adjustable peristalitc pump (Watson Marlow)
  • Body: all Stainless Steel

Especially developed for a very wide range of applications in laboratory or smallest production systems. Also designed for operations outside of the system, for example for testing and optimizing processes.   

Robust PE hose material for liquids (blue), control air (red) and atomising air (black); sold by the metre.  

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