Model 629

Spray pattern:
smooth-jet (no atomisation)

Spray angle:
Orifices: 0.1 – 30 mm
Capacity: 0.02 – 1000 l/min at 3 bar


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Jet precision –
SCHLICK smooth-jet nozzles

–  Very precise and effective
–  Designed for critical and extremely critical pressure relationships
–  Very varied sizes with a capacity up to 1000 l/min 
–  The familiar and proven SCHLICK technology ensures reproducible results  
–  Extremely easy installation/de-installation
–  Also available as a custom model with a head screw thread  

SCHLICK smooth-jet nozzles spray liquids with an extremely precise, far-reaching and smooth jet. The models 629 consists of a single body in one piece with a control cone and a long cylindrical bore hole with a screwed in nozzle exit protector. 

Werkstoffe: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, ebonite, brass, PVC, tantalum, titanium, teflon, other materials available on request.

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  • Maximum precision and reproducibility

    Dosing nozzles for extruder injections

    Extruders are plant systems frequently used within pharmaceutical manufacturing and food production to mould substances or modify them physically. When it comes to introducing precise amounts of additives, there are nozzles available which enable you to introduce low quantities and make precise, reproducible additions. (Only german version.)

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  • Nozzle for the wood industry

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining, especially the production of boards, is gaining increasingly in importance. This is not just because of the increasing cost of energy and raw materials; it is also because increasingly high demands for quality in the manufacture of wooden boards encourage the demand for suitable processes and possibilities, in order to apply liquids as homogeneously as possible onto prepared base materials.

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