970 Form 7-1 S75 ABC

Spray pattern: oval flatspray
Spray angle: approx. 60°
Orifices: 0.5 – 1.2 mm
Capacity: 10 – 50 g/min (Coating)
Drum size: 12“ – 19“


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Up-/Downscaling guarantees perfect reproducible results –
The SCHLICK laboratory nozzle model 970 form 7-1 S75

  • No product build-up thanks to the SCHLICK Anti-Bearding Cap (ABC)
  • Perfect up- and downscaling for perfect production processes
  • Optimal homogenous and reproducible spray results 
  • GMP design: 8 individual parts + SCHLICK Precision-O-sealing-rings (EPDM-FDA)
  • Cleaning needle to standard
  • Available with liquid return system
  • Extremely easy to adjust for maximum flexibility

Thanks to the SCHLICK Anti-Bearding Cap (ABC) the sticking and build-up of deposits is prevented as far as possible. The GMP design also enables a very simple installation/de-installation for cleaning or servicing. This leads to shorter downtimes and more efficiency in production.

The laboratory nozzle model 970 form 7-1 S75 is designed with separate attachments for the pattern air (PA) and the atomising air (AA). So, there is more freedom for adjustment. Using the air pressure there are equally as simple and reproducible settings for the droplet size and the spray angle. For the first time upscaling from laboratory to production is possible due to the use of ABC-Technology® throughout. The laboratory nozzle guarantees reproducible results.

Standard bore holes for liquid operation are available with 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm.
Alternative bore hole diameters are available on request. The nozzles are also available with and without liquid return system. The factory fitted mounting block allows various options for installation. ATEX version also available.

Materials: FDA compliant 1.4404 (AISI 316L) materials, surface quality: Ra < 0.8. Other materials available on request.

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  • Say Goodbye to Blockages

    Use of anti-bearding cap nozzles in fluidised bed systems

    Blocked spray nozzles are a widespread problem in fluidised bed systems in which very fine or tacky products are processed. By using ABC nozzles, the pharmaceutical excipient manufacturer DMV Fonterra Excipients has succeeded in avoiding unplanned downtimes. Düsen-Schlick Anti-bearding cap technology (ABC nozzles) is well-established in the field of tablet coatings.

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  • Nozzle ABCs for power users

    State-of-the-art nozzle technology enhances tablet coating productivity

    Improved spray arm design and advanced nozzle systems cut set up time in half on state-of-the-art tablet coaters. This has big advantages for contract manufacturers who have find efficient ways of dealing with frequent changeover.

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  • No weakness

    More operational safety in tablet coating

    In the pharmaceutical industry, flat spray two-substance nozzles are used in coating drums for the coating of pharmaceutical products. If possible, the coating process should not be interrupted for economical reasons. In addition to the geometry of the coater, the drying air and the spraying liquid, the nozzles play a particularly important role in this process. A new nozzle with an antibearding cap (ABC-Technology®) meets the requirement for operating security and improved handling during coating.

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  • Doubling spray rates

    New coating arm for tablet coater

    In tablet production, coating processes require a lot of manual operation and experience: The spray arms and nozzles that are used have to be constantly checked, and the spraying process variables require careful adjustment. A new nozzle and spray arm concept now allows you to achieve considerably more efficient processes.

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  • Process Engineering & Optimisation:

    Perfect atomisation without bearding

    Anti-bearding air cap ensures that droplets are well distributed, and that coating and moistening are homogenous. The type of nozzle used for coating and moistening determines the process result. Normally, flat spray two-substance nozzles are used for this process. A new, robust air cap withstands even the most adverse operating conditions and thus ensures a clean spraying process with the ideal drop size.

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  • Spray with sense

    New nozzle technology ensures better efficiency in tablet coating

    Time and again conventional spray arms cause trouble when coating tablets. They are often difficult to clean and are not easy to inspect. The result is a disruption to the process flow and unnecessarily long set-up times. A new spray arm concept promises to improve this situation.

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