At SCHLICK Test & Research Center the company‘s recognised experts use their knowledge to perfect the very latest in measurement technology.

The center’s modular and flexible test rigs are used to simulate complex spray and coating situations over an area of 500 m².

This results in test set-ups that correspond with real-world production conditions on the market.

The SCHLICK Test & Research Center –
Measuring and checking for the best spraying result

Test runs under real-world conditions
The high-tech lab is used by companies from all industries to find solutions to a wide range of issues under practical conditions. Tests and measurements are carried out with the customer’s own substances and samples. SCHLICK experts document the results, hold in-depth discussions on optimisation options and implement prototypes.

At its over 500 m2 premises, the STRC brings together the very latest measuring and testing equipment. The following facilities are available for the evaluation of sprays from one-, two- and multiple-substance nozzles and for the evaluation of customers’ materials:

Performance overview

The services offered by Schlick range from simple measurements with the appropriate records to detailed testing reports with discussion of the results and suggestions for improvements to processes. The results obtained can be immediately put to use in the development of prototype solutions. Schlick has a database of over 90,000 tested solutions to help it in this task.

  • 2D fibre PDA with two HiDense optics for measuring transparent and non-transparent substances
    • Detection of droplet/particle speeds up to 2.000 m/s
    • Measurement of droplet size and distribution
    • Data rates: > 300.000 samples/sec
    • Analysis of all common particle-size distributions: D₁₀, D₂₀, D₃₀, D₃₂, Dv0.1, Dv0.5, Dv0.9, Rosin-Rammler distribution
    • Refractometer (for determining the refractive index of fluids)
  • Ultra-modern spray tunnel for upscaling nozzle performance
  • Shadow sizing, far-field microscope with high-speed camera for image-capture of droplets
  • Wind tunnel for recirculation and exhaust air with filter system and a volumetric flow rate of up to 1.500 m³/h
  • Compressor station with compressed air preparation for compressed air generation up to 600 m³/h and for fine atomisation of media
  • Pressure booster for volume flow rates up to 12.000 l/h
  • High-precision flowmeters and pressure gauges
  • Spray experiments with water up to 200 bar (OP) with customer substances up to 70 bar (OP)
  • Heatable pressure tank with integrated agitators
  • Different agitators for mixing fluids
  • Viscosity measurements with rotational viscometer
  • Circulation pumps for measurement and supply
  • Digital precision flow meter and manometer for compressed air and water

Engineers and technicians use the STRC to carry out stress and endurance tests on newly developed nozzles and also for quality testing on the whole range. Due to he increased demand for customised measuring, testing and optimisation solutions, these measuring and testing services have become an official part of the range of services offered by SCHLICK. These measurement results are seen as vital for ensuring a seamless manufacturing process and are increasingly being used to guarantee a smooth production restart following a product changeover or other change to the manufacturing system.


The SCHLICK Test & Research Center carries out measurements,
conducts analyses and produces documentation for the following areas:

  • Drop size
  • Drop speed
  • Flow rate density
  • Spray distribution
  • Rheological behaviour of liquids
  • Sound level
  • Cleaning trials
  • Comparative drop measurement
  • Comparative performance measurement
  • Throughput measurement
  • Optical measurement of spray angles

We also offer services in testing of materials:

  • Tensile testing according DIN EN ISO 6892-1
  • Metallographical tests by using light microscopy
  • Spectral analysis of austenitic stainless steel
  • Surface roughness determination
  • Optical 3D measuring machine


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