Model 650-655 and 700

Spray pattern: flat spray

Spray angle (depending on nozzle type):
20° – 160°, with gas and steam flow the spray angle is reduced by approx. 30°

Orifices: slit or oval

Capacity (depending on nozzle type):
approx. 0.07 – 1000 l/min at 3 bar


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Unbeatable in its consistent spray pattern –
flat spray nozzles with capacities up to 1000 l/min

  • Very varied designs offer perfect solutions for almost every application possible
  • Very varied sizes with a capacity up to 1000 l/min
  • The familiar and proven SCHLICK technology ensures reproducible results
  • Extremely easy installation/de-installation
  • Absolutly blockage-resistant

SCHLICK flat spray nozzles are suited to spraying both liquid and gas or steam media. Depending on nozzle model, spray angles between 20° and 160° are possible. Compared with liquid, the spray angle reduces by approximately 30° for gas and steam.

The degree of atomisation is related to the nozzle size, the capacity, and the differential pressure. Very fine droplets are achieved with small orifices and high pressures.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, brass, hastelloy, PVC, PVDF, other materials available on request.

Professional Cleaning and Service




  • Nozzle for the wood industry

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining

    Professional spraying in industrial wood machining, especially the production of boards, is gaining increasingly in importance. This is not just because of the increasing cost of energy and raw materials; it is also because increasingly high demands for quality in the manufacture of wooden boards encourage the demand for suitable processes and possibilities, in order to apply liquids as homogeneously as possible onto prepared base materials.

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  • Brilliant Droplets

    Nozzles and injection lances in use with flue gas denitrogenation installations

    The SNCR and SCR procedures were developed for flue gas denitrogenation in order to meet the strict air purification requirements. Injection lances for the defined insertion of the reducing agent are an important component of both processes. These differ in their structural and procedural design depending on the application.

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  • In fine vapors

    Atomisation technology in nitrogen oxide reduction using urea

    During flue gas denitrogenation, the addition of a reducing agent is used to transform nitrogen oxides into a substance that can be emitted without causing any damage or can be used again. The reducing agent ammonia is increasingly being replaced by innocuous urea. However, urea has a tendency to crystallise during atomisation. When observing the nozzle systems used in urea atomisation, it can be seen that trouble-free operation is not always guaranteed.

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  • Perfect Coating

    Coating nozzles for the food and pharmaceutical industries

    Coating with sugar solution or chocolate is not only relevant in the food industry. In the pharmaceutical industry too, coating with sugar is used to mask taste and to preserve. Whilst traditionally the sugar solution is applied to the coated item by hand, the application in industrial processes is now carried out using nozzles, in particular those with a fan-shaped spraying pattern.

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