Reaction processes

For chemical or biological reaction technology, the liquid or gaseous reactants are mixed or simultaneously atomised in continuous operation. A distinction can be made between internal and external mixing nozzles. When it comes to the external mixing variant, the media only meet following the nozzle exit, and thus only in the desired reaction space. With the internal mixing variant, on the other hand, the nozzle itself forms the mixing space.

Both types enable continuous mixing of several reactants and allow extremely uniform fine adjustment of the components independently of one another so as to maintain certain process parameters.

  • Multi-Part Nozzle Heads

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  • Pressure Nozzles - 118, 202, 432

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  • Pressure Nozzles - 770-772

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  • Pressure Nozzles - 803-804

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  • Three- & Four-Substance 946, 0/56

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  • Two-Substance - 0/2-0/9

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  • Two-Substance - 940

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  • Two-Substance - 970

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