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SCHMIDT’s range of accessories offers everything you need for your high-pressure application cases: from various designs of nozzle holders, to ball joints for targeted spraying tailored to any application, and stabilisers that help ensure an even spray pattern.

SCHMIDT – perfection and experience in high-pressure nozzles.


Accessories for high-pressure nozzles –
the right stuff for every application

  • An extensive range of accessories, including nozzles holders, ball joints, stabilisers and feed units
  • Custom designs/sizes possible upon request
  • Compact and robust designs
  • Simple maintenance, installation and de-installation
  • Low-wear operation ensures a long service life


High-pressure nozzle accessories for all applications

Every spraying application has its own unique requirements, whether that means finding the right connection for the feed line to the nozzle or coming up with an intelligent solution for maintaining an even and precise liquid flow even at high pressures. With the right accessories, our high-pressure nozzles can be tailored precisely to any demands or requirements.

SCHMIDT EHS accessories are based on decades of practical experience and tailored to challenging everyday industrial conditions. Using original accessories helps guarantee smooth nozzle operation and a long service life.

Materials: High-grade steel. Other materials upon request.




ISO 9001:2015


SCHMIDT EHS nozzle holder

SCHMIDT’s range of accessories includes threaded nozzle holders in a wide variety of sizes and designs for both flat spray and round spray nozzles. Also available in a design suitable for welding, depending on requirements. For securing plug-in nozzles with individual union nuts. SCHMIDT EHS nozzle holders ensure a proper connection and allow for quick nozzle changes.

Example application: DH 10-14 nozzle holder with RS GK 10 round-spray nozzle.

SCHMIDT EHS ball joints

Ball joints are the best choice when you’re using swivel-mounted nozzles. They ensure that the spray is directed with precision, exactly as required. Depending on the design, they can be installed using union nuts, threaded nipples or welding nipples.

SCHMIDT EHS stabilisers

High-pressure spray applications require precise and even spraying. But with large-bore nozzles, there may be turbulence in the liquid flow, which can negatively affect the spray pattern. Stabilisers can be installed in the nozzles themselves or in the nozzle holders to counteract this and help ensure an even spray. The technical production of such stabilisers is very difficult and costly, but they ensure that fluid turbulence is counteracted.

SCHMIDT EHS feed unit

Rotary nozzles may be additionally fitted with a feed unit. This unit, with its backwards-facing bore, is particularly useful when cleaning pipes. The liquid pressure produced generates an opposing feed motion and the nozzle is automatically pushed through the pipe by the recoil.

VSE 18 feed unit without and with installed R 18 rotating nozzles.

SCHMIDT. Solutions under high pressure. 
Up to 3000 bar.

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