Single-Part Nozzle Heads

SCHLICK nozzle heads consist of one piece of solid material and are especially compact and robust. They can be used in many types of cleaning (incl. containers).

Few components mean less space is needed, they are lighter and there are fewer things that can go wrong. Production of such a single-part nozzle head carries its very own challenges. If a single part is responsible for many functions then there must be absolute precision in manufacture.


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Unibodies –
nozzle heads from one mould

  • Single-part completely robust design
  • Significant reduction in servicing downtimes through easy installation/de-installation and quick cleaning
  • Individual design for a very wide range of applications

With construction out of solid material the single-part SCHLICK nozzle heads are almost indestructible. The absence of other components means it can be ready for use in a very short space of time and cleaning is simple. Through counter-threads made to customer specifications the nozzle heads are absolutely precise and very simple to fit. Individual sizes and varieties expand the possibilities for numerous applications.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, brass, hastelloy, inconel, platinum-iridium, PP, PTFE, PVC, PVDF, RCH 1000, tantalum, titanium, other materials available on request.

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