Nozzle Heads 60-65

Nozzle heads are often used to evenly cover very large surfaces with liquid.

Because the liquid quantity is divided between the nozzles through small holes, very fine droplets can be achieved with the maximum air flow.


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Wide range of installation options –
the variable nozzle heads are easily interchangeable

  • Combinable with many different nozzle models
  • High air flow rates for maximum surface coverage with the finest possible droplets
  • Significant reduction in maintenance downtimes thanks to easy access to all components
  • Extremely easy to adjust and wide range of installation options thanks to modular construction
  • Reproducible results ensured

The nozzle heads can be combined with various types of nozzle (full cone, hollow cone) and are easily interchangeable. Through the diverse mounting options very different sprays can be achieved with variable liquid flow rates.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, brass, tantalum, titanium, hastelloy, inconel, PTFE, PP, PVC, PVDF, RCH 1000, other materials available on request.

SCHLICK nozzle heads are available in several models. With central or right-angled attachments (L series). Depending on the spray result desired the nozzle heads are fitted with SCHLICK full cone or hollow cone nozzles. If required these can be easily replaced by hand. So it is possible to achieve very diverse spray characteristics by using the same nozzle head. The liquid flow and spray angle of the nozzles (30–120°) are therefore completely adjustable.

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  • Extremely fine spray

    Professional spraying in the production of MDF board

    Professional spraying is gaining much more in importance as a technique, especially in the production of MDF board, as it is a very helpful way of reducing costs while maximising quality at the same time. With its newly developed SCHLICK Blowline, Düsen-Schlick is setting new benchmarks for the widely used technique of blowline gluing. 

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  • A question of distribution

    Superheated steam cooling in industrial use

    Due to poor or incomplete combustion of the medium, soot is produced, and at the same time the emission values in the combustion chamber increase. With liquid fuels, combustion al­ways takes place in the gas phase: The liquid fuel is first atomised, then vaporised, mixed with air, and finally burned in the gas phase. This article shows how atomisation can be influenced by various special nozzles.

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