Gas scrubbing

During gas scrubbing, gas stream components must be transferred into the scrubbing liquid via absorption to separate harmful gases from the exhaust air and/or to remove dust. A homogeneous distribution of the scrubbing liquid in the gas flow, and thus a maximisation of the surface, is therefore crucial for the efficiency of the process.

For the best possible material transfer, full-cone or hollow-cone nozzles are used which sit above the packed bed, for example, and spray into the exhaust air. In the further course of the packed bed, the droplets enlarge back to large drops due to the mass inertia and can thus be largely collected and separated in the sump.

In addition to the packed columns, venturi scrubbers and spray scrubbers are often used, with which the efficiency of the material exchange can also be improved with the right choice and optimal arrangement of the nozzle.

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