Model 400-401

Spray pattern: circular hollow-cone

Spray angle:
15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 78°, 90°, 120°

Standard orifices: 1.0 mm – 45 mm
Capacity: 0.4 – 800 l/min at 3 bar


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Unequalled – the obstruction-insensitive nozzle
A specially developed liquid intake allows for a minimalist design

  • The minimalist design almost completely eliminates blockages
  • With external or internal screw threads for right-angled installation
  • Designed for critical and extremely critical pressure relationships
  • Extremely easy installation/de-installation
  • Very wide range of applications

SCHLICK hollow-cone nozzles atomise liquids under pressure into finest droplets having a large specific surface. The liquid flows tangentially into a swirl chamber and thereby starts to rotate. The energy in the pressurised liquid is converted into rotational energy or kinetic energy. A rotating film of liquid forms around an air core and emerges through the hole as a hollow cone. At the exit of the nozzle the liquid film encounters the surrounding air in a reciprocal reaction and breaks-up into fine droplets. These move away from the nozzle in an axial and radial direction and form a hollow cone.

For spray cones smaller or larger than the normal spray cone the nozzle is fitted with a smaller or larger exit hole than that shown in the table. In each case the through flow corresponds to the nominal bore hole.

The nozzles simply consist of one nozzle body and one exchangeable exit unit. Through the specially developed liquid intake no further fittings are necessary, which means that blockages are practically eliminated.

SCHLICK models 400 and 401 are especially well suited for right-angled fitting and are available with external screw thread (model 400) or internal screw thread (model 401). Different sizes and various materials complement this range.

Materials: Acid-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant stainless steel, brass, hastelloy, inconel, PP, PTFE, PVC, PVDF, RCH 1000, tantalum, titanium, other materials available on request.

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